let's get jazzed about life.

I believe sending positivity into a product I create will bring you positivity and happiness in return.

Like it's founder, Sweet B is a little bit sassy and a little bit sweet. While the product is sassy and empowering, the eco-conscious materials are really quite sweet. Sweet B's new outlook launched when the owner, Brittany "B" Schneider, needed to infuse positivity, working with her hands, and giving back into her everyday decor and lifestyle. This cheeky company enjoys working with curious people trying to make the world a happier place.

Sweet B focuses on small collection releases: all hand-made with materials locally sourced and from small businesses. The collections feature one-of-a-kind products with custom typography and hand-crafted elements, so wonderful people like you can get unique artwork and gifts in an era of mass production and same-ness. Rather than walking through life, join Sweet B in cartwheeling through it.

Brittany has designed for start-ups and non-profits such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities, Pollinator Friendly, Hockey Diehard, CreativeMornings/Minneapolis, and AIGA Minnesota. She's created for local Minnesota companies such as Gartner Studios, I See Me! Inc, Holmberg Company, Crafted, White House Custom Colour, and Mara Mi. B has collaborated product and art for global brands such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Fed Ex, Indigo, Thomas Paul, and Target. Click to see her past work


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The Materials

All of the materials chosen for Sweet B product is selected based on environmental footprint, local MN manufacturers, and by supporting small businesses. Details of materials used are in the description section of each item available for purchase.


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