gatsby BASH

As Ryan and I began discussing our wedding, we kept talking about how we wanted people to get excited about dressing up, but not feel too formal. We decided to ensure this, our wedding would be influenced by Gatsby 1920's Deco (and with Luhrmann's modern interpretation, we were lent the ability to get quirky with it when we wanted to). Our wedding suite was a compilation of traditional Deco patterns, but hand drawn to avoid feeling stiff. We also opted for a navy/copper palette over the common black/gold when one thinks of the era. While I had the MOST fun designing our signage and paper goods, the best part was seeing our guests so enthusiastic to transport back to the Roaring 20's with us!

Wedding Photographer: Staci Carpenter from Staci Design
Cake and Cupcakes: Alicia Hinze from The Buttered Tin
Ceremony Coordinator: Anne Young from the Stillwater Public Library
Reception Chef + Coordinator: Chris from The Grand Banquet
Day Of Coordinator: Marissa Kelly from Rosetree Events

custom typography, patterns, illustrations, map, website design.