beep boop beep

I express my love through a lot of ways, forms, modes.

I express my love through the spoken word, through a cup of coffee, through a hug, through a (sloppily) handwritten letter, through a cooked meal. Now that technology is a part of every day life, I express my love through text message, through Facebook, through Instagram, through a video, through Skype, through a little tiny robot figurine with a painted blinking heart.

"Beep Boop Beep" In Robot that means, "I Love You."

This project still has a few tweaks, but I am just too excited, I must share it. My robot figurine was photographed with my Canon Rebel XSi. The photo was printed at White House Custom Colour on Metallic Photo Paper. A 3V Battery and green LED light were attached through the photo. This sweet Bare Conductive Paint I had to buy drew the circuit and DecoArt Glo paint (yeah Michaels!) provided an outline of the robot in the dark. The final touch: a silver frame with the glass removed makes this piece ready to hang in my office!