Modern Woman

I love mixing inks.

In school I used to work late in the screen printing studio, blasting Cold War Kids (I just couldn't get enough of Hang Me Up To Dry as I was pulling and hanging my prints), and experimenting with all things serigraphy.

This series I worked on is still my all time favorite. It was inspired by my last semester in college, when I lived with five roommates. We got along great, but we were all very different. I started to notice we all fit into a stereotype that most women face at some point in their lives. I paired these stereotypes to some horribly awesome B-movies, hand-drawing each of the posters stencils. Mixing and fixing with the exposure table, I was able to achieve a worn look that I really enjoyed.

I haven't had access to screen printing for many years, so I'm very excited that I will be taking a screen printing class this summer! I'm pumped to get back into it.