Will you be my?

Get Your Party On.

Ryan and I literally want our wedding party to be a party in itself. I have asked ten girls to stand up with me. Eight as Bridesmaids: one from my childhood, three from high school, three from college, and my brother's better half, and Two Junior Bridesmaids: two of my cousins' daughters.

I know that Bridesmaid gifts can get pretty sappy, so I steered clear of that and embraced my quirky friendships. I chose to make a print reading "You drink too much, You swear too much, You have questionable morals... You're everything I ever wanted in a friend" On the back it asked if they'd be my bridesmaid with some very funny photos of all of us together.

I got mushy on my Junior Bridesmaid gifts because they are just such BEAUTIFUL girls, I had to give them a Be YOU (tiful) print. I followed it up with a picture card and a little poem (a compilation of three different pinterest sayings - just so I could get it right).

I'm excited to get all the girls together for planning, crafts, and good times in general.