Family Fantasy Football

Bring on the commercials, Super Bowl!

This was the first year I joined a fantasy football team and it was a lot of fun! I know more about football than I ever have before. The thing I still look forward to the most about the Super Bowl is the commercials, though. Last year was a bit of a disappointment for me, so I'm hoping 2015 will pick it up a notch! I plan on kicking back with a nice cold beer this afternoon, while sporting this t-shirt I made for our Family Fantasy League this Christmas. I order all my custom shirts from CustomInk and they seriously rock.

Commissioner/Third Place: Russell Sprouts (Ryan, My Man)
Assistant Commissioner/Tenth Place: SouthViewMaster (Paul, Ry's Dad)
League Winner: THE NORSEMEN (Lee, My Dad)
First Loser: Breesus Christ (Blake, My Brother)
Fourth Place: West Nile Mosquitos (Mick, My Uncle)
Fifth Place: Manning on the Moon (Katie, Blake's Girlfriend)
Sixth Place: CasselMania (Me)
Seventh Place: #beatcary (Brad, Ry's Brother)
Eighth Place: Kanye East (Cary, Ry's Brother)
Ninth Place: Cam and Get It (Joanne, Ry's Mom)