4/8/15 16:23:42

If you recognize that number sequence, you must be a LOST fan.

I'm not sure I'll ever be fully able to explain my fondness of this show. I watched the premiere and I was immediately hooked — the characters, the mythology, and the mystery all kept me eagerly waiting for the next week. The stranger the episodes got, the more I was obsessed.

I would get anyone who suggested the slightest interest in the show to come over and watch it with me when it aired. We discussed our theories on what the smoke monster was, on what the whispers said, on time travel, on parallel dimensions, on life, on love, on death. The list was endless. I followed forums and blogs on other fans' theories. I read interviews from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Slowly how they made the show was half the fun. How did they film it? How did they develop a particular story line? How do the actors interact off screen? How could this show make me feel so many feels? I joined a LOST Support Group after the finale, with some other Losties that match and often surpass my knowledge of the show. 

It's truly the only thing on television I've been so undeniably captivated by.

So, today, on April 8th, 2015 exactly 23 minutes and 42 seconds after 4, I begin my 4/8/15 16:23:42 project. 108 days of illustrations taken from important symbols, locations, people, groups, and moments of ABC's tv show, LOST. Follow me on Instagram to see the development day by day. Enjoy and Namaste!