My Papa was a great man.

My papa loved to pick berries, tend to his flowers in front of the house, collect/dig up/discover old bottles, play cards, go partridge hunting, serve his country, and spend time with his family. This past Christmas I created 3 pieces — one for my Brother, one for my Father, and one for my Nana — of photos from my Papa's life and imagery representing his stories and pastimes.

Three decks of old cards he used to play with, that my Nana had given to me months earlier, served as the backing to these photos. I printed out my imagery on a laser printer and then applied 3 thick layers (letting each dry before the next) of acrylic gel medium over the paper. Once it was completely dry, I soaked the paper until it dissolved, leaving the gel medium with the image behind. A quick hodge podge of the gel medium onto the cards and the rest is history. 

This became a very spiritual project for me. Many times I was moved to tears, whether it was discovering old photos from my Papa's youth or thinking about all the stories he used to share with me and Blake. I remember being enthralled by the objects he discovered and collected, roaming the basement for treasures like it was just yesterday. He was always eager to welcome the grandkids into his life of wonderment. My Papa was a great man. One whom I'll always honor.

Happy Memorial Weekend, everyone!