Custom Prints

DIY Christmas Continued.

This year, I wanted to focus my custom prints on the "millennials" in the family. In order of appearance below:

Katie loves penguins. Every Season is Penguin Season features a penguin in Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring gear. 
Brad slays at Kendama and his dog is now a pro, too. Jack and the Space Walk breaks down a fun trick with his pup as the expert.
Brittany is a teacher - you know, like.. your favorite one that let you dissect things. I made this Dorsal View of Frog print for her to hang in her classroom.
Sarah is an inspirational yogi and has a pretty awesome cat. Cat Yoga with Mr. Bruce shows her feline demonstrating many poses.
Cary enjoyed the Harambe meme, to the extent that he even made "RIP Harambe" his fantasy football team name. Now he owns a RIP Harambe print, which immortalizes the magnificent gorilla.
Blake was on Team Purple Rain probably since birth, so I knew he needed this Purple Reign print to hang by his record player.

Every Season is Penguin Season was watercolored, scanned, and clothes were made in Illustrator.
Jack and the Space Walk was made with Illustrator brushes and textures.
Dorsal View of Frog utilized a frog from an old anatomy book, manipulated in Photoshop, and laid out in Illustrator.
Cat Yoga with Mr. Bruce was watercolored on two layers and scanned into Photoshop.
RIP Harambe was created in Illustrator with background help from Freepik.
Purple Reign was hand-inked, scanned, and texturized/spray-painted in Photoshop.