Sweet B Turns Two

Happy Birthday, Sweet B!


Two years ago, I shifted gears and started creating things for myself. My goal for the first year as a business was to "simply" re-discover my joy. I began painting again and working with my hands, hoping that the joy I put into my products was transferred to the happy people that purchased them. Through this process, I found my long lost friend, Astrology. We lost touch after college, but she's been there, waiting for me to reach out. And damn, have we experienced a lot.

This past year, Astrology, Sweet B, and I have conquered our first full Holiday Pop-Up Event Season complete with Custom Orders, one full year of volunteering on the CreativeMornings/MSP team, an increasing freelance client base for the graphic design side of the business, a shared space in the Northrup King Building (Strey Collective in Studio 179) followed quickly with a 4-month shared pop-up store at the Mall of America. This led to new challenges of increasing inventory plus overhead costs AND balancing time working in and promoting the store, all while working on my latest endeavor, the Magick Moon 2020 Planner with Shelby Richardson.

This past year, my husband and I navigated through what life looks like with one-half running their own business. It's really nothing that we could have prepared for and probably manifests differently for every relationship. With an Aries stellium in my 10th House (hello, career!), it's probably not a shock that I often dove into work too deeply, causing long days and late nights which came to a pinnacle moment of the "WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY LATELY?!" realization in late August.

Is it odd that I feel split? I feel that I've seen no one and yet I've met so many new and wonderful people this year. There have been many moments that are completely surreal and yet feel like they were supposed to happen exactly how they did. Up until this year, I'd only met two people in my life where I had an instant spark of a connection the minute we met and I knew they were meant to be in my life (one being my friend, one being my husband). This year, my experiences haven't been as intense as what I just mentioned, but it amazes me how I've felt an ease of calmness and connection as I share space with so many new people. Our journeys all have woven together — maybe for a larger big-picture reason or maybe just to bring each other one new thing to carry with us as we continue on our own.

The point of this journal entry is: there were so many great accomplishments that I'm proud of this past year, but I'm acutely aware of what was sacrificed to achieve them. With Sweet B being a personal artistic outlet that just also happens to be a business, the line between life and work tend to blur. To the other business owners/side hustlers/Career House stelliums: have you found that there isn't much of a separation between your personal and professional experiences? Have you found a way to balance your career and your relationships? If not, are you okay with that?

Always curious, B

Sweet B turns Two! What can you look forward to in the future?

• The continued growth of the Stardust & Moonbeams line
• Emails that keep you up to date on my events and products! (Sign up at the footer of this page if you’d like!)
• Steady hours of the shared Studio 179 space in the Northrup King Building
• Exploration of a more interactive Sweet B experience

You may be asking yourself: Why does she even share all this with me?

Well, to be honest, I debated about it. In the end, I think it’s more important to share the struggles and to break down this “perfect” appearance that is interpreted through social media than to sugar coat my years being a solopreneur. If you have any more questions about my own personal experience or you’d like to share your own feelings/emotions/experiences feel free to comment below or send me an email.