Custom Pet Art: From Photo to Portrait

An in-depth dive of my Custom Pet Portrait process.

For those searching for a really unique gift for a pet-loving friend/sig other/fam member or a little something for your own home/office/shrine, might I recommend my Custom Pet Portraits? These cuties are something that bring me so much joy, knowing they’re going to families that will really, truly enjoy them.

Step One

Before you add these custom goodies to your cart, you’re asked a series of questions that will help me with your final piece.


I only use your email for you to send your photos. You won’t be added to any newsletter or marketing/advertising lists and definitely never to any third-party.

Saying Request

This is usually the name of the pet, but I can fit up to 5 words!

Eye Color

Many pictures that show the perfect expression, don’t always highlight a pet’s eyes, so a description helps me accurately paint this feature.


This is an optional question to answer. Many people don’t know their pet’s breed, and that’s totally fine! Sometimes, this information can help me in reference photos, so that’s why I ask (also, because I’m naturally curious about breeds/mixed breeds).

Notable Markings

Our pets are all unique, so let me know what makes yours stand out! This also helps if there are specific things you want me to definitely include your custom piece.

Background and Banner Color Preference

These are also optional questions to answer because some people want to match something in their home, others just really like a specific color, and others don’t care at all. If you leave this blank, I use my judgement to best compliment your pet’s portrait.

Step Two

After you order, I follow up with that email you gave me and ask for you to send over a main photo of each of your pets (this is what I'll base the piece on). At this point, it’s important to name the file after each pet, so I know who is who :) You may also attach any additional photos if you feel they show some of the notable markings, eyes, or details that you'd like me to incorporate.

Step Three

Now that I’ve received your favorite picture(s), I make a quick outline sketch in Illustrator to make sure I get proportions correct. It might not look like much at this point, but it gives me a very basic guide. The painting process is one that is always unique based on the pet. Many have multiple layers to gain depth and texture in certain key areas.

Step Four

After your piece is finished, I send you a small version via email. This is so you can make any changes you’d like (i.e. expression, color, details, etc). I want you to be 100% happy with your piece before I send it to you!

Step Five

If you enjoy your custom portrait, nothing makes me happier than receiving an email with your art next to your cute furry (or feathery or scaley) friend! You can also tag me in any social media posts, if that’s your preferred method of sharing :)