Friday the 13th

The number 12 has long been the symbol for completeness.

Twelve hours on a clock, twelve months in a year, twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve apostles of Jesus, etc. So then what is the number 13? This number is constantly at odds with 12 and becomes the symbol of change or transition. To me, the number 13 has never been unlucky and so I wanted to learn more about the draw towards Friday the 13th.

Fun fact: Friday is derived from the Norse deity Frigg (goddess of marriage and fertility) and the deity Freya (goddess of sex and fertility). Freya deemed the perfect number for a witches coven to be 13 when she appeared to the witches of the north near the entrance to Valhalla. She noticed there were only 12 present, and gifted them one of her sacred cats to complete the full witches' coven.

The crescent shape in my illustration represents the the horn found in a 27,000 year old carving named "Earth Mother of Laussel". In it, a female figure representing matriarchal spirituality holds a horn with 13 notches. Some speculate these notches represent the number of lunar or menstrual cycles in a year.

After reading more about these origins, it's no wonder I'm drawn to this date. A matriarchal spirituality is something I can really get behind. I encourage everyone to question why you believe in something and what is the root of that belief. It's not only super interesting, but very enlightening.