B's Inspo Quote of the Day

Even when the waters seem calm, they are constantly moving and changing.

I've been changing a lot in the last few months. Despite seeing "OVERWEIGHT" on a BMI Chart (which, like, BMI is total bullshit right?), I've actually gotten to a place in my life where I love my body.

Through a nutritionist, I've discovered I'm allergic to American wheat and now my tummy actually feels light and un-bloated and carefree and happy!

My mind is constantly moving and coming up with new creations. That brain of mine might actually be in overdrive, so I'm documenting my ideas and I'll start sorting through them when things quiet down.

I'm actively trying to stay present in the moment and forget that whole perfection thing (that, somehow, subliminally entered my brain and told me that's what I needed to strive for).

This photo of mine was taken in Japan. These koi were so calm and graceful. They ebbed and flowed with the water, connecting and brushing into each other. Their subtle actions caused ripples throughout the rest of the pond, so I'm trying to be like these koi. I'm setting mini personal intentions and making small changes to my lifestyle, so I can be in my fullest, happiest state. Maybe, possibly, those changes will impact the people around me.

This is the end of my Mind Dump. We will now return to your regularly scheduled programming.