Office Space

For more productivity.

As I started this new chapter of working from home, I definitely knew I needed a change in my office layout. Originally I had placed my computer in the corner, away from both windows in the office. Talk about a sad, dark little corner. The only positive of the original layout was I had a lot of floor space, but I wasn't really enjoying that floor space with my back to it.


Before I made this new office transition, I read a lot of articles on being productive and not being distracted from the home-life. Many people told me "Don't do any laundry or household chores while you work. Treat your 8-hour work day like an actual 8-hour work day". I appreciate that advice, but part of the reason why my husband and I decided to try this was because we needed someone to be our home base. Ryan used to work from home for the first three years of our relationship. This past year, he's gotten a new job that requires him to be in the office. For us, we work better when there's one person to organize the calls, make the appointments, prioritize the grocery list, etc. Ryan has taken on that responsibility for the past three years and now it's my turn. So,  considering everyone's advice, I decided I'd have a seven hour work day and the eighth hour would be dedicated to the house. We're only four weeks in, but I think that approach is working well so far. The kitchen/bathrooms/bedrooms don't look like a disaster, we are dining out only on special occasions and not out of laziness, and our yard is actually mowed. And using this one hour break for the home in the middle of the day has made me more productive and excited to return back to whatever project I've got my hands on.


Along with this new approach to work/life, I also knew the office itself needed some improvements. While I am working, I want to get the most productivity out of my day. I don't want to feel fried, but I also don't want to feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for the day to end (FYI both of those scenarios have happened at past jobs, but neither have been a result from my work at home life yet). This new office "better-productivity" layout revolved around my desk facing my door. "It's a power move." As I've been mocked saying by my ever-so-teasing loved ones. But it IS true. Facing the people entering your office IS a power move and a productivity enhancer as well. I've enjoyed this new view - the one where I actually get natural light in front of AND behind my desk. I also changed all the lightbulbs to daylight instead of soft light. I feel like this way, I'm getting truer colors and am able to see better when I am making product.

Have you found any small changes to your office layout that have improved your mood or productivity? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!