My Year Of...

The seemingly longest year of my life.

As opposed to last year, I felt like 2017 was the year that never ended. Looking back, I had many "WAIT, that was THIS year?!" moments. I always like to stay away from New Year’s resolutions because I don’t like being told what to do, even if it’s me telling myself to do it. Instead, I use the New Year as a way to reflect on all I’ve enjoyed in the previous year. Below are some highlights and fun facts of my 2017.
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I really wanted to focus 2017 on making sure I was getting taken care of physically, mentally, and spiritually. I found yoga to be a good way to do this. 2017 started out with a 30 day challenge at the Den and I was totally hooked.


Ry and I started our house search in 2016 and found the perfect little bungalow in St. Paul in March. It's been a whirlwind of decorating, and landscaping, and discovering I really can never have too many plants.


I had a low-key 30th (by choice) with my first ever spa-day. Facial and massage followed by mani/pedi with a girl friend. Ryan then took me to Forepaugh's for dinner. I've always wanted to go because it's haunted. We talked with the concierge and he gave us a private tour of the haunted floor. It was VERY cool!


No weddings to attend this year, but baby showers filled that gap! I was super excited to attend my two cousin-in-law's showers as well as co-host two of my friends'!


Ry and I took a Beginner Japanese class through CommEd to better prepare ourselves for our trip to Japan in 2018. I still need a lot of practice, but Ryan is a pro!


Probably one of the biggest/hardest thing to execute in my life. With my moon in Libra, it's a leap I wouldn't have made (because of the huge imbalance it would/did cause) without the encouragement and support from my husband. I've been so jazzed to work for myself and have had a lot of opportunities to learn, create, and grow.


Ryan has worn glasses and ONLY glasses for the first four years I've known him. It's was so bizarre to see him without them! It's even more bizarre to me that, within a few months, I'd look back at photos and feel like Ryan's glasses seem out of place.

My skin/body was breaking out and reacting every time I had alcohol (whether it be beer, wine, or gin), so I cut it out of my life for 30 days to see if it made a difference. Removing it didn't really change my skin, but it did make me realize how often I was around alcohol and also how the immediate question was always, "Are you pregnant?!"


We ate our year old cake slice (yum?), packed our bags, and spent a week in Colorado for our one year anniversary. Estes Park was great to tour the Stanley, do some hiking, and see the solar eclipse at their Observatory. Then off we went to Denver to stay with Ryan's brother and his brother's girlfriend for our first concert at Red Rocks!


Other highlights for me were all my coffee & brunch dates with my ladies, starting to attend Creative Mornings, and the continuation of Ry & my Mystery Dates!

So long, 2017! Bring on the 2018 awesome-ness!