#1 Fan Of: S.S. Baits Co

I've become a huge fan of many local people & small businesses and I thought I would start highlighting some!

I am a support-local enthusiast and have a stack of business cards as my go-to when I'm in the market for something. I'd love to share some of these wonderful businesses and encourage you to support them, too!

S.S. Baits Co is a company run by two sisters from Bemidji, MN. Erica and Shanna were so welcoming when I ran into them and I immediately knew I had to get my Dad a custom Alaskan Brewery Company lure for his birthday (picture below). These two ladies were quick to hunt down his beer and they made an insanely awesome lure that not only looks pretty (hello, 24k gold flake) but actually works! They use traditional, woodworking lure craft with new finishing techniques. Their mission is to create a lure that will pass on for generations; a bait like your grandfather used to rely on.

You can follow them on Instagram or Facebook.


*This is not a sponsored post. This is not an ad, I am just a fan. I did not receive anything in return for writing this post (except the joy it brings me to share cool businesses with you).*