#1 Fan Of: The Last Debutante

I've become a huge fan of many local people & small businesses and I thought I would start highlighting some!

I am a support-local enthusiast and have a stack of business cards as my go-to when I'm in the market for something. I'd love to share some of these wonderful businesses and encourage you to support them, too!

I first met Debbie through a CreativeMornings/Minneapolis event and this lady's energy rocked my world. When we both met up for coffee, we swapped a few computer secrets and shared stories. Debbie does it all - she runs her own blog, she delves in the fashion world, she designs, she writes, and she loves designing social media and helping businesses up their online game. I highly encourage you follow her on Instagram and send her a message if you're ever in need of a guest writer or social media strategy!


*This is not a sponsored post. This is not an ad, I am just a fan. I did not receive anything in return for writing this post (except the joy it brings me to share cool businesses with you).*