How much does this all cost?
My design services begin at $400. This does not include printing, due to the fact that printing changes based on quantity ordered. Before I print your order I will always get final confirmation from you with the total price.

What is all included with the price?
When you hire me, it guarantees that no other couple will have the same wedding suite design as you. 

As for actual items included in the price — that is totally up to you. I usually design a save the date, invite, rsvp, accommodation card, rehearsal invite, address labels, program, and thank you. You are not required to have all of these items and you are definitely not limited to them.

Once again, printing is not included in the above price, due to the fact that charges change based on quantity ordered. Before I print your order I will always get final confirmation from you with the total price.

How long will it be before we see the final pieces?
It's good to contact me at least four to five months out from your wedding date, so everything is ready for you to mail 6-8 weeks before your wedding.

We've decided this sounds awesome and want to hire you. What's next?
That's great! Send me an email and let me know! I will then send you an initial q&a in order to feel out the vibe of your wedding. I will ask you for any colors, themes, location photos, and inspiration you've gathered. Some couples like sharing their Pinterest boards with me as a quick way to swap ideas. We'll agree on the pieces you would like designed and I will draw up a contract in which all three of us will sign. A 25% deposit is due upon signing.

I'll then research the look and feel of your wedding and present you with a mood board or two to describe the overall feel of your suite. Whether we sit face to face or discuss via email, I will explain the different design options you have. This is all before I begin designing the actual suite. I feel this way, we are all on the same page and when I begin designing, you know the route I will be taking. 

I'll show you your more pressing big item —the invite— first. At this stage, I offer as many revisions as you and your soon-to-be want. In the end, it is your big day and I want to make sure you both really love the design. 

The second round of design will be anything else you'd like to mail with the invite: the RSVP, accommodations card, rehearsal/groom's dinner invite (if you need it), address labels, etc. These items compliment the invite we worked so hard on.

The third round is the Day Of items. This could include a program, table top signs, and name cards.

The final round is your Thank You card. This can incorporate a photo from the wedding, if your photographer gives you the rights to use it. It's a perfect way to round up the feeling you want everyone to walk away with from your big day!

In the end, you'll have a wedding suite that is 100% unique; a one-of-a-kind custom design that is all yours!